Toob Trax Performance

Here is a performance, using boomwhackers, of one of the pieces from the Toob Trax DVD.  If you want to look at a teaching extract from the DVD, have a look at Toob Trax Taster, an earlier post.

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Toob Trax Taster

This last week has seen the launch of Toob Trax, which is a DVD and CD resource which teaches 5 performance pieces using boomwhackers.

There is a promo video on the Toe Tapping Music website, but I’ve also just added an extract from the DVD to youtube  It’s probably easier to see what it is, rather than explain it!

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Nothing quite like it!

It’s a fantastic feeling to make music with others. Whether it’s singing, clapping or playing an instrument, when everyone is working together it feels great. When I work in schools, the children perform pieces which, I’ve worked through hundreds of times before, and yet it still sends a shiver down my spine when you sense that feeling of success going through the group!

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Hello world!

New to blogging!

A new chapter begins…?

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