Rhythmic haka tryout

Had a go this morning with a group that I run, at the haka in the video I’ve posted. I decided to get all the children to play both rhythms at the same time, which is something I’ve never done before. I did simplify it slightly. For the second rhythm (on the video the bottles play 3 sounds followed by 1 sound) I got them to play two hits rather than three (missing out the middle of the three), followed by one hit, as originally shown. (You need to have seen the video for this to make any sense at all!!!). The two bottle hits coincide exactly with the 3rd and 4th stick hits. For those who are familiar with musical language, the bottles play two bars of 4; the first bar they rest for two beats and then play on beats 3 and 4, and in the second bar they play once on beat number 3. It worked well. Sometimes it just makes life easier if you go with what works!

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